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Vuvuzela – the Word of the 2010 World Cup

Vuvuzela is the word of the 2010 World Cup, would you want to know it? Not Jabulani, although I think the name of the energetic ball of happiness is probably a close second or third.

No, I’m not suffering from post World Cup euphoria. I read this on the Web so it must be true.

Vuvuzela – Biggest Impact on 2010 World Cup

Linguists in more than 60 countries voted that the vuvuzela is the word “that has made the biggest impact on the 2010 World Cup, and that it will be best remembered for”.

“Long after individual matches and goals are forgotten, this will be remembered as the Vuvuzela World Cup,” said Jurga Zilinskiene, managing director of London-based firm Today Translations a London-based translation company with a network of 2, 600 linguists in over 60 countries, on Media

“Vuvuzela” was chosen by 75% of more than 320 linguists from over 60 countries, who were asked to choose the word with the biggest impact on the tournament.

Vuvuzela Landslide Victory

Vuvuzela won a landslide victory in a survey of linguists conducted by Today Translations,

In second place was Waka, after the official World Cup song by Shakira and the South African group, Freshlyground.

In joint third place were Jabulani, the official match ball of the tournament, Zakumi, the official World Cup mascot, and Bafana, the nickname of the South African national soccer team.  (By the way whatever happened to Zakumi?

Popularity: 3% [?]

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  1. john K moss Aug 10, 2010

    Lets be honest, apart from reopening the debate on goal line technology and the lack of achievement from some of the biggest contenders, the main thing the 2010 world cup will be remembered for is the Vuvuzela.
    And I for one am happy to encourage the sale of them on my blog!


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